Animal picture in tattoos

Animal picture in tattoos


You can take your love for animals to a much higher level by getting them inscribed in your flesh. Getting your favorite animal pictures tattooed on your flesh shows how much love and intimacy you share with these animals. These are not just animal pictures; each picture that is tattooed on one’s flesh has a complete story to tell. People, who get them inscribed, do that for a purpose. For example according to the Native American legends every person has his or her spirit animals. People under this legend’s influence may go for their own spirit animals’ picture on their bodies to amplify the connection they already have.

Why go for tattoos?

The question is why go for tattoos when you can post animal pictures on your walls, desktops or even your bed linen. The reason is the affinity with these animal pictures is stronger here. The bond created by tattooing these animal pictures on a man’s body becomes a forever affair. It will never wear off like in case of bed linen, clothing or accessories.

Symbology behind animal pictures:-

The designs are huge and never-ending when it comes to tattoos; but why some people go or particularly animal pictures? Well the long awaited answer is that each animal stands for a significant and special quality in every culture. For example lions denote bravery, cats denote sensuality, and dogs are endowed with loyalty and horses with grace and power.

Safety measures:-

Inscribing an animal picture in the form of a tattoo should not excite you enough to forget the safety precautions to take. The adequate measures should be taken to ensure proper healing of the tattoo. The syringes used should be sterilized to protect from bacterial or viral infections. Proper rest should be taken. Clothes should be worn only when they do not pose any threat to healing process. If this seems too difficult to follow then the best remedy is to stay with animal pictures hung around you and not inscribed into you.

I love animals more than anything but I am a coward. I will never go for tattoo inscription. I cannot imagine hot laser beam working on my flesh. For now I am content with animal pictures hung on my living room and bedroom wall. And I know there are so many out there like me are satisfied with things other than tattoos.