Right on track

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The fantastic results of shooting with 360 cameras

The versatility of 360 cameras

The invention of 360 camera has given some awesome feature to the world of photo shooting. These cameras are the one which can totally change the get up of the video and photos. The resolution and the appearance of the videos and images shot by these cameras are simply amazing which leaves a great impact on the viewer. These 360 cameras are so versatile that you can take control of many segments while doing a shootout.

Amazing features of 360 cameras

A well-known 360 camera gives you an impeccable resolution of 1080 p and you can actually feel the picture. The toughness and versatility of this camera is similar to 4K model.

There is another remarkable 360 camera and it comes with high resolution as well as huge 30MP images. This great image produced by this camera is due to the presence of 15MP sensors. Some other features of this 360 camera on which you can bank upon are Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth connectivity and expandable memory. This camera comes with certain other good features which include dirt and splash proof.

There is one another 360 camera and this one comes with 1.5 inch LCD display along with Wi-Fi connectivity to make it compatible with your smart phone. This 360 camera can give you beautiful horizontal images due to the image sensor in its 220 degree lens.

What to look for in 360 cameras?


It is not just about capturing the great moments with 360 cameras. Now you can share your videos and images on the YouTube. With just a single click of a button and after you upload your content your friends can witness your adventure. You will get the feeling as if they were right in front of you.


Your 360 camera should have good quality battery and preferably you should have in-built battery. This would prevent you from charging your 360 camera every now and then. Ideally you should have 32 GB memory and a back-up of 3 hours to make your life wonderful.


Some of the accessories which you should preferably have in your 360 camera are USB cable, microphone plug and action camera adapter to give you a fantastic experience.


The 360 camera is perhaps the best option if you are looking to capture some great moments. Your moments become even greater when you shoot them with these amazing 360 cameras.