Igloo Glide 110 Quart Cooler Review

Igloo Glide 110 Quart Cooler Review

This Igloo cooler stands out from many other coolers that are currently on the market. To me, it represents a fine blend of many of the classic cooler conventions and the modern trends found within higher end products in the industry. The large, oversized wheels make a statement, and are quite blatant and loud in presentation, which is quite in contrast with the rest of the slick polyethylene build. But these large wheels are a positive feature, in general, because they make the cooler extremely transportable, even when traveling on rocky or rough terrain. Besides, the design is interesting and impressive, and the cooler is filled with functional features.

The entire build is sturdy. Not only is the polyethylene body but to last, but even the zinc-plated hinges are well-made, and coolers featuring hinges that are made of metal instead of plastic are usually more durable than the latter. An easy way to tell the quality of the build of a cooler is how these seemingly minor details are dealt with, and this Igloo cooler passes that test, for sure.

The telescoping handle is unique, and is basically a horizontal, slide and lock feature that allows you to customize your leverage experience in relation to the amount of weight within the cooler. This adds ease to the process of lifting heavier loads.

The body of the cooler is insulated with Ultratherm, and the insulation system is very effective. At 90 degrees, this cooler will retain your ice for up to 5 days, which is pretty impressive. This is due not only to the Ultratherm insulation, but also to what Igloo calls their “Cool Riser” technology. All I know is that this cooler did the trick for me for 3 days, which is more than your standard cooler.

Also more than your standard cooler, however, is the price. Now, this Igloo cooler is also not as expensive as the most popular, modern, and high end coolers on the market today, but it is also priced above your standard Coleman…

This begs the question, is this a fair way of pricing this cooler?

My answer: I really think so.

In general, this is a cooler that finds itself right in the middle of pack in the current cooler scene, and it is priced accordingly. I think it is pretty good, and the mechanisms to make it easy to use and transport for the common consumer make the Igloo Glider a solid buy.