Outsourcing 101

Unfortunately nobody understands the Practical benefits of doing such a thing as outsourcing within my organization, and so we have a small, skilled, but overworked team of programmers who are working far beyond their optimal abilities and everything is being compromised. So, I think I’m going to pitch the idea to the management, even though it is a little bit of a stepping out of line type scenario, I think that it is kind of important that this sort of thing be considered by the superiors considering the amount of lackluster work being put forward by a team, due to the mostly horrible circumstances that we are working under at the moment. I don’t think that anything is done maliciously here, I just think that there is some ignorance in the amount of great Outsourcing vendors available domestically and internationally at this point in time in the world. Specialized labor has created a market that allows us to access premium Talent, sharpen skills, for pretty good prices. Especially, if we’re willing to delve into foreign markets, I think that we could maximize profits and increase our gains by a whole lot. That’s what I’m thinking at the moment. But, I’m just a lowly worker, and I don’t think that my point of view will necessarily be taken as an important one unless I bring forth a lot of solid information regarding the topic. So, I guess I’m wondering what I should do, who I should recommend, or what course of action, specifically, I should say that we should do. I’m basically trying to refine my proposal here, because I know that software development outsourcing is a great area of Need for our organization.