UNU and its Elektrorollers

The way that UNU does Elektrorollers is totally distinct and different. They are such a unique company. They believe in starting with the consumer. You drive you the means of creation. There is nothing else to it. You start by choosing your custom colors and aspects of your electric scooter. This, in itself, is the exact opposite of how the typical automotive industry works, and it solves a lot of problems regarding efficiency. Because, you are only ever getting a scooter that is made for you. The company only goes into production once you have placed an order. This allows them to maintain a workflow. The communication the communication between the business and the customer is also top-notch. Days before your bike is ready, they will call you, and you too will arrange a time of delivery that works most conveniently for you within the business is ours. Anyone who has ever had to wait around for long amounts of time for some random delivery will appreciate this level of high-quality service. Putting your individual scooter together doesn’t take more than a couple of clicks. You basically just choose your designed. It’s very very simple, and most of them cost under 3000 Euro, which is an incredible deal for what you’re getting. You can choose between colors like red, white, blue, black, and more subtle and nuanced tones of each one. Yes, you can choose the color of the frame, and the color of the seat. You also choose which engine you want. There are a couple different options, which allow you different types of the color acceleration speed. The acceleration is never too intense on a little scooter look this, which maxes out at about 45 km/h, but you can still choose the level and what you want to accelerate. The engine is a very simple device which is located on the right rear wheel. The factory produces the order that you have put in, and puts the whole thing into the manufacturing process, at the beginning of the week after you order it. It gets shipped right to your door fully in one piece.