You want to sell houses?

You want to sell houses?

If you have made a decision that you want to commit to a career in the housing market particularly if you want to be a West Vancouver realtor you will need to be very aware of the time it will take to reach the momentum of a sustained flow of sales. Most realtors do a lot of hard work before they even see their first nibble. You will be well advised to use this time to hone your skills. You will need to be a top class negotiator. You will need to learn to be tough. The West Vancouver realtor sector is not for the weak. You will have to hone grit and determination if you want to make it through.

While you are laying the ground work of your career you can   most productively use this time to build relationships and networks in the Burnaby real estate business. You need to show lots of houses to clients and remain enthusiastic even when you are not feeling this way you will need to wing it. You should be working on getting a feel for what people look for when buying a house. Learn to listen carefully and understand their needs. To be a really effective West Vancouver realtor you will need to have excellent communication skills.


It could take many months before you take home a commission check. This is not a job where you clock in at nine, leave at five and collect a salary at the end of the month. In fact you will need to be able to carry yourself financially for quite a time, this could be up to six months at least. Before jumping in you need to know if you can stay the distance. You might feel you are on the breadline and feel like giving up. Particularly when you are working in the area of Burnaby real estate where the properties are on the upper end of the market.  If you can stick around the rewards of your persistence can be great.

More waiting

Once you have signed the deal off there is still the delay of waiting for the transaction to clear. You also need to avoid celebrating until the money is actually in the bank because a sale can fall through due to reasons that have nothing to do with you or the quality of your service at all.